Monday, June 16, 2008

Picture of Porcine Perfection

These are sausage patties I made (yes, using my own two hands) using the ground pork from "our hog" from Back Forty Aces. Bacon is visible as well.

I served these for brunch on Father's Day as accompaniment to a massive spinach fritatta I made using the rest of the spinach and green onions from last week's farm share as well as a full dozen eggs from Back Forty (chill, people; there were seven of us who ate the fritatta).

The sausage patties were fabulous. I think the breakfast sausage from the Chelsea Market may have met its match.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of pork...I made collard greens in bacon fat today. And I had a piece of bacon. I figured I had to atone, so I bought Kosher olive oil at the same time. :)

They were oh so good, and I thought of your pig as I was making them!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It sounds like your Father's Day brunch had to have been a huge success!