Thursday, November 6, 2008

Modern Alchemy

I am convinced that olive oil, salt, pepper, and 35-40 minutes at 400 degrees can turn anything into edible gold.

Case in point: Brussels sprouts. Most people cringe in horror at their name, fearing mushy, steamed green blobs. However, since I transformed a previously-hated vegetable (broccoli) into something I ate as fast as I could shovel it into my mouth by the holy trinity of olive oil, seasonings, and heat, I thought perhaps I could do the same with Brussels sprouts.

Enter the Barefoot Contessa and a pound of Brussels sprouts from Tantré Farm.

Result: I ate half a pound of these delectable morsels all by myself. John commented, "That's a lot of Brussels sprouts."

Yes. Yes it was. And they were wonderful.


Anonymous said...

You've got me eating broccoli, big time, using this same recipe. I ate a whole panful the other night!

Leslie said...

It also works with cauliflower, which I would otherwise detest!

Mom said...

Now that you are a brussels sprouts convert, Try this recipe:

or this one from eve: the restaurant

A.B. said...

I was just about to post regarding this very thing- ha! Now I don't have to...First time I've ever actually liked them.

Shayne said...

asparagus is great this way too and cauliflower your right it is the holy trinity

Maggie said...

Roasting does seem to make magic. Another one to try is the combination of carrots, parsnips, and quartered onions.