Saturday, November 1, 2008

Harvest's End: Tantre Farm Week 23

The last share (sniffle).

Last Wednesday I picked up my final share of the year from Tantré Farm. I opted for the three-week extension to the regular 20-week season because I just could not bear the thought of being without my glorious vegetables. However, there is nothing more I can do now as the season is officially over. Once I have worked my way through what is left in my crisper drawers and freezer...

I am...going to...have to buy vegetables...


Oh dear.

I admit I have become 100% utterly and completely spoiled beyond rotten when it comes to produce. I now take it for granted that my vegetables are actually going to have flavor and taste like they're supposed to. How on earth am I going to deal with pallid, mealy grocery store tomatoes after being buried in avalanches of the most luscious, robustly-flavored tomatoes I could ever imagine?

This was a memorable summer of vegetables. I discovered the wonders of the chocolate beet cake, the kale-banana smoothie, the eggplant hummus. I made my own tomato sauce, froze green beans, and even learned to like squash again.

The CSA experiment was a success. I can't wait to do it again next year.

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Shayne said...

I know life is hard.:) I was a little sad when the Livonia Farm Market was done. I was really getting into the big heads of fresh cauliflower. mmmmmm