Monday, February 18, 2008

T-Bone Steak with Oven-Grilled Asparagus and Brown Rice Pilaf

For my first real post, I decided to document what I made for dinner tonight. I had some asparagus in the refrigerator that wasn't getting any fresher, so I wanted to use it up the best way I know how: oven-grilled. Below I have the asparagus laid out on the baking sheet with the only other ingredients required for this delicious side dish: kosher salt, olive oil, and black pepper.

Pass the olive oil over the asparagus a few times, then sprinkle some salt and freshly ground black pepper over it as well.

Using your hands, roll the asparagus back and forth until it is adequately covered in the oil and spices. Here is the asparagus ready to slide into the oven. Speaking of which, preheat it to 400 degrees. It should bake for 8 minutes.

Steak! I rubbed these T-bone steaks with olive oil, salt, pepper, and chopped fresh rosemary. These steaks are from the quarter side of beef we got in December from someone we know who raises beef cattle. I believe this was one of the smartest purchases we ever made. I have over 160 pounds of frozen, vacuum-sealed beef in a chest freezer in my basement at this very moment. Any time I need beef I can just go downstairs and rummage through my vast array of prepackaged beef cuts for what I need.

The T-bones, resting on the counter after grilling over high heat on our gas grill for 5 minutes per side.

The finished product. The brown rice pilaf with toasted almonds and parsley recipe was from Real Simple magazine. We had this meal with a 2005 Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon.


Laura said...

Wow, that looks absolutely delicious. You are much better with the food photography than I am!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember where I first heard of this method for asparagus (maybe Sarah!) but it is our absolute FAVORITE. And, you can't really get it wrong. Since I am new to beef, I will enthusiastically try this once we get our new grill!